Saturday, July 16, 2005

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  shvl staff workflow media labs staff workflow


1. receive job request by email, phone

2. confirm/reject offer by email, phone

3. Arrive 1 hour before session start time, set up lab as per email confirmation eg sh, vl, s1

Checklist 1

blank media

create output work folder

check event in report

4. meet group arrive at level 3 minimum 5-10 mins prior to start time

a) if no show by 5 mins after start time ring booking contact to seek update info

b) upon arrival, speak to teacher, confirm logistics and booking details

checklist 2

program name

finish time

group subject/interest area

any other relevant info

5. welcome group to museum

6. arrive soundhouse

workshop policy/contract

trade off attention to instruction for free exploration time

behaviour standards

7. deliver workshop

8. complete event in report

9. completed work to output work folder, CD etc (take away media) created.

10. finish workshop

11. farewell group at soundhouse or museum entrance 
  its like this....

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2 days per week office manager

enter calendar events into outlook master calendar, liaise with staff tutors, add events to ecomm system and shvl, off line bookings, add events to report database, vis fig reports to venue.

update website - current calendar view
  soundhouse courses music on computer - the complete overview

x 6 per year.

Music software solutions in focus.
reason. flstudio. acid. cubase. vegas. ableton. sibelius.

x 1 or 2 per year.

podcasting. blogging - rss feeds. radio plays and sound art. story telling.

x 1 or 2 per year. 
Tuesday, July 05, 2005
  marketing program fliers, intro at sydney Design workshops, talks, masterclass. Give away free seats for first 5 etc.
Fbi sponsorship and giveaway course seats.

thanks for opportunity for banner on cafe

small number of posters out Sydney Design. Galleries, cafes darlinghurst, newtown.

media labs are part of the market building solution in young designer types, bridging reflection and networking with action (buy a workshop)- appealing to target audience and offering additional links to museum galleries. 
A place to reflect and experiment with ideas to do with vectorlabsoundhouse: informal learning, technology, creativity.

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Well, how did I get here? Original member of the Castanet Club 11 pce cabaret ensemble in the 80's. BA Uni of Newcastle. Grad Dip music therapy UTS Sydney. Since 1994 manager of the soundhouse computer music lab at powerhouse museum in sydney.

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