Thursday, April 21, 2005
  acid pro stings Acid pro

Context Sting - Musicology - Origins of loop sequencing
Kool Herc, Africa Bambata, GMF,
NYC Block parties and the 4 pillars of hiphop

Sting 1
The two halves of the screen
Top half is where the project will come together
Bottom half is currently showing three windows
RHS mixer window (Shows volume level –keep below 0)
LHS window (file manager – windows explorer, double click to open, favourites is the top level for us, if lost find, double click favorites)
Middle window shows the contents of the folder
To preview a sound SINGLE click
START/STOP with space bar

Sting 2
Middle of screen
TEMPO goes to style eg typically r’n’b = 90 – 100 bpm, rock = 120 – 150 bpm
Key Change key for whole project


SPL (Top Left shows bar beat number, time)
Click to locate SPL on point of focus

Sting 3a
Save your project
Create .acd file

Sting 3b
Selecting sounds
From folders to the timeline
From bottom half of screen to Top Half
Test sounds together
Set up loop area
Sounds have to play their part so select sounds which work together and think about how you might use them maybe a sound could be a great solo intro sound, maybe a sound can be a background sound, maybe a sounds will be foreground, “lead” or feature sounds

Sting 4
Making a mix
Setting up a mix by adjusting volumes
Volume envelopes for automated fades and snaps

Sting 5
Fine tune the composition and arrangement
Zooming, Splitting and Chopping
Eg Chemical Brothers show zoom in
Splitting and changing chords within the key
Eg chord structure
Eg 12 bar blues

Sting 6
Render a final mix
File formats
Save .wav file for CD best quality – Windows Media Player
Save as .mp3 file for web or email - Windows Media Player
Save as .qtm for Apple QuickTime player
Burn as audio CD for music CD player playback
Burn as data CD for PC playback

Sting 7
Adding DSP FX
Adding envelopes
Adding and using busses
Adding DSP FX to tracks, busses, master output (compression, excite, etc)

Sting 8
Recording a live MIDI track from piano keyboard 
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